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Welcome to my webpage. Here you will find lots of stuff about the books I have written, the guitars I deal with, the pickups I make and also you can find links to my aviation interests.

Make Your Own Electric Guitar

Make Your Own Acoustic Guitar

For more information on the pickups, please go to where specifications, prices and all sorts of interesting pickup stuff is to be found.

You can also find out more about my current guitar activities by looking into where current building, repair and customization stuff and some interesting old guitar photos can be found.

As well as the guitar activities, I have been involved with vintage aviation, both in the UK and in France, for many years. I own and fly a 1939 Rearwin Cloudster, I am active with the Memorial Flight Association in France. Most of my aviation activities are based at the airfield at Popham, Hampshire and I have a page or two of stuff about that Here

Other activities include airshow commentary, voice work and some acting. Click the links to find out more.